WP Video Popup

Add beautiful, responsive video lightbox popups to your website.

WP Video Popup

WP Video Popup lets you add a responsive YouTube or Vimeo video lightbox to your WordPress website. It’s is probably the fastest video lightbox plugin for WordPress.

It’s also the most flexible – make any element of your website trigger the lightbox by simply giving it the ryv-popup CSS-class. The plugin will do the rest for you.

Because Page Speed Matters

Adding lots of YouTube videos to a single page/post can slow down your website. Not so with WP Video Popup. No request to YouTube or Vimeo is made until you actually open the lightbox by clicking the trigger-element you’ve determined.

WP Video Popup Mobile

100% GDPR Compliant

WP Video Popup is 100% GDPR compliant. No connection to YouTube or Vimeo is established before the trigger element has been clicked.

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WP Video Popup
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