Ultimate Dashboard

Give the WordPress Dashboard a meaningful use.

As web designers and developers, many of us use WordPress to build client websites. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, WordPress is a popular choice for both simple and complex websites. However, as great as WordPress is, it does have one significant shortcoming that hinders user experience once we hand off the website to our clients.

This shortcoming is the default WordPress dashboard. In its current state, it’s not very useful for clients and it can be quite confusing. For example, there is no need for an average user to know about WordPress meetups around, right? While it’s true that some of those widgets can be disabled, finding where to disable them is not intuitive at all.

What if there was a better way?

What if you didn’t have to spend time after developing every client website coding your way to a more user-friendly WordPress dashboard?

Enter Ultimate Dashboard.

Ultimate Dashboard

As a developer working on a variety of WordPress projects and building client sites, WordPress dashboard always caused issues. Clients found it too confusing, had trouble making sense of the widgets, and often didn’t know how to access the crucial areas of their site to add new content or see how their site appears for their visitors.

I wanted to create a better user experience in the WordPress admin area and the idea for Ultimate Dashboard finally came to fruition when I was working on my first WordPress multisite SaaS network.

Ultimate Dashboard is a WordPress plugin that allows you to simplify the look of your WordPress Dashboard and give it a more meaningful use by adding elements that actually matter to you and your clients. Let’s take a look at everything Ultimate Dashboard has to offer.

Better User Experience for Your Clients

Ultimate Dashboard lets you remove default WordPress widgets and replace it with a set of useful quick-links of your choosing. You can create a quick link to add a new post or a page, open the customizer, view the front-end of the website, and more.

As a result, both you and your clients get a much better user experience and makes it easier for non-techy users to manage their site and update it with new content. In a nutshell, Ultimate Dashboard gives the WordPress Dashboard a meaningful use so that it works as a real dashboard where users can navigate to the key areas of their website or backend.

In the screenshots below, you can compare the difference between the default WordPress dashboard and Ultimate Dashboard.

Default WordPress Dashboard
Default WordPress Dashboard
Ultimate Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard has a free and premium version. The free version is available in the WordPress repository and includes the following features:

  • Remove default WordPress widgets – you can remove some or all of the widgets that appear in the default WordPress dashboard.
  • Create your own Dashboard Widgets – add a link to any area of the site that your clients might find useful – link to the Customizer, post and page editor, statistics, your support or contact details or WordPress settings.

Ultimate Dashboard PRO

Let’s have a look at the features included in Ultimate Dashboard PRO.

  • Text Widgets – With text widgets, you can create a Welcome message for your clients, leave links to helpful tutorials, resources or documentation, and more.
  • Tooltips – with the help of tooltips, you can add more context for your clients and provide a brief explanation of what each icon widget does.
  • Remove 3rd party widgets – with the Pro version, you can remove any third-party widgets created by various plugins and add-ons that don’t provide users with useful information and only add to the confusion and clutter of the default WordPress dashboard.
  • Apply the order of your widgets to all users of your website – lastly, Ultimate Dashboard allows each user to store the order widget according to their preference. With the pro version, you can overwrite the individual settings of each user on your site and chose a user whose widget order you’d like to apply to all registered users instead.
  • Video widgets – Build a video dashboard with helpful tutorials or use the them along with your icon & text widgets. Video widgets will display a YouTube or Vimeo video in a responsive lightbox.
Video Widget Dashboard

WordPress Multisite Support

Ultimate Dashboard PRO is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite. You can display dashboard widgets throughout all websites on your multisite network and select a Blueprint site. This means that all the sites on your network will have the same set of widgets as the Blueprint site.

You can also select a custom order in which those widgets display across your multisite installation.

Lastly, you can define the user role that is allowed to create new widgets and access the Ultimate Dashboard settings on the network. This helps you prevent less experienced users from accidentally deleting widgets or creating less useful widgets.


Another feature that is available in the Pro version, you can apply yours or your clients’ branding to the WordPress admin area and the login screen.

By matching the dashboard with your client’s brand, you make your clients feel like their website truly belongs to them.

  • Ultimate Dashboard Pro allows you to change the accent color of the admin area and change the widget’s headline & text color
  • You can remove the WordPress logo on the log-in screen and replace it with your client’s logo for the ultimate white-labeling and branding experience
  • On top of that, you can change the footer text and the WordPress version text with information that is more suitable for your clients’ needs
  • Lastly, you can remove WordPress logo from the admin bar area or again, replace it with yours or your client’s logo


As mentioned earlier, Ultimate Dashboard is available in both free and premium version. You can download the free version from the official WordPress plugin repository.

The Pro version is available in three pricing tiers.

  • 1 Site License – $48
  • Unlimited License – $98
  • Lifetime License – $248 (currently not available)

The 1 Site version allows you to install the plugin on one site and comes with one year of support and updates. It includes a 20% renewal discount.

The Unlimited version allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number of sites, includes one year of support and updates. It also includes 20% renewal discount.

The Lifetime version allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number of sites, includes lifetime support and updates and comes with a one-time payment of $248.

Wrapping up

The default WordPress dashboard leaves a lot to be desired. Not only does it clutter up the interface with unnecessary widgets, it also leaves novice users feeling confused and doesn’t provide any meaningful information. On top of that, disabling the default widgets and finding where to disable them is not user-friendly.

Ultimate Dashboard aims to solve that problem by allowing users to remove some or all of the default WordPress widgets and replace them with information that not only makes it easier for them to update content, manage their site, and access crucial areas of their site, it also improves their user experience.

Give it a spin for yourself today by downloading the free version, take a look at what some of our users have said about the Ultimate Dashboard and explore everything it has to offer.

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