Like other years before, 2016 is all about white space and minimalistic design – and this won’t change much in the near future. We looked into which other web design trends were up and coming in 2016.

1. Boxed content

Reducing the entire content of a page onto a fixed width may not seem new at all. But doing it at a really high resolution makes all the difference. At a fixed page width of 1650px max, for example, you prevent header images from becoming overly large on 27″ screens. In addition to that, you achieve a highly modern look, while users on laptops and smaller devices still see a full-width website.


Avatar for David Vongries David Waumsley

I really like this post. Thank you.

I’m going to think more about boxed content. Any thoughts on why not 1920px? So true about lots of white (or negative) space. Seems we need more of it as the information overload increases.

    Avatar for David Vongries David Vongries

    Hey David!

    I really think it depends on the layout/content of the website. I built a couple of those boxed-content websites and chose a different max-width each time.

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