Yo! Notification Bar

YoBar is a lightweight and flexible Notification Bar Plugin for Wordpress. Promote discount codes or share important messages with your customers across your webiste.

More Information

YoBar lets you create customizable notifications on your website. Promote discounts, create call-to-actions or share other important news with your visitors.


  • Call to action button next to your message (optional)
  • Customize the notification bar to match the colors of your website
  • Display in different locations (Header/Footer)
  • Sticky Notification Bar
  • Show the notification after x seconds (delay)
  • Option to make YoBar dismissible (optional)
  • Set a cookie of x days to not bug visitors again
YoBar Example

Use Yobar on all pages of your website or filter by pages, posts & custom post types.

Display Settings

  • Everywhere across the website
  • On the front page
  • Only on selected post types (posts, pages, custom post types)
  • include/exclude specific posts/pages
YoBar Example 2

YoBar Settings


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