Responsive YouTube & Vimeo Video Popup PRO

This plugin lets you create responsive YouTube and Vimeo Video Lightboxes in WordPress.

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Responsive WordPress YouTube & Vimeo Video Lightbox

Use the shortcode [ryv_popup video="Embed-URL"] in your post, page or template to embed your lightbox. To open the popup, add the CSS-Class ryv-popup to the element you wish to trigger the lightbox.


[ryv-popup video=""]
Shortcode to show a YouTube video.

[ryv-popup video=""]
Shortcode to show a YouTube video with autoplay functionality.

[ryv-popup video=""]
Shortcode to show a vimeo video with autoplay functionality.

CSS-class to trigger the lightbox

<a class="ryv-popup" href="#">Video</a>
Code-Snippet to trigger the lightbox from a link

Create multiple Popups on a single page NEW!

Responsive YouTube & Vimeo Popup PRO lets you create multiple Popup’s on the same page. All you need to do is add an ID to the shortcode like this:
[ryv-popup id="myvideo" video=""]

To trigger the lightbox just add the new “myvideo” class to the trigger:
<a class="ryv-popup myvideo" href="#">Video</a>


Customize your lightbox popup NEW!

In 1.2 we have added a global settings page to customize the look of your your video lightbox. You can now set a custom overlay background color and video size from your WordPress admin.

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