In the end of 2013, we built the entire brand for the ladies of the boutique Spiegelbild in Aschaffenburg.


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Spiegelbild Boutique Aschaffenburg Header
Spiegelbild Logo
Spiegelbild Logo
Spiegelbild Business Cards
Spiegelbild Business Cards

01. The challenge

Leading up to boutique Spiegelbild’s February 2014 launch in Sandgasse 16, we were hired to build its entire brand including logo, business cards & more.

02. The strategy

We wanted to create a minimalist, timeless, modern and distinct design. In addition to the classic logo and high-quality print media, we aimed at creating a stylish, classy online presence that mirrored well the Scandinavian/Italian fashion on offer.

Spiegelbild Boutique Aschaffenburg Webseite
Spiegelbild Boutique Aschaffenburg Webseite

03. Conclusion

Prevailing against the existing boutiques in the city of Aschaffenburg wasn’t particularly difficult. A Google search for “boutique Aschaffenburg” reveals that Spiegelbild is ranked number 1 in the Google search results. We are supporting the women’s fashion boutique’s discount campaigns with our semi-yearly postcard mailings. That way, we can always bring a breath of fresh air to the existing design.

Spiegelbild 99 Air Ballons postcard
Spiegelbild postcard printed in gold

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