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Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza Logo
Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza Logo
Bluemarine Cheat Sheet

01. The challenge

When we were hired to relaunch “Charterboats Ibiza” (that was their name back then!) in 2012, we were given the opportunity to reposition the charter company as “Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza” on the market. The challenge was to win out against a fierce, local, and continually growing competition, to invent new ways to market the company on social media, and to become the number one provider of boat and yacht charters as well as of maintenance services in Ibiza.

Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza Website Startseite

02. Strategy

In addition to the creation of a corporate design (CD), logo development, and the redesign of existing print media, one thing took priority over everything else: the website. In order to fully leverage the potential of existing and future customers, it was important to create and localize the web presence for various countries and their respective languages. Of course, the use of responsive design to make the website accessible from any device was equally important. Our goal was to place the newly registered domain,, among the top 10 Google search results. In order to achieve that, we referred to special WordPress hosting, the use of high-quality content, and performance and search engine optimization.

In our quest to extend the web presence and awareness of Bluemarine Charter, we started leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, on which the company had not been active before, as well as carefully targeted email marketing. Also, by including customer reviews on its website, the company provides its guests with the possibility to share their experiences with others.

Bluemarine Yacht Charter Ibiza Website Single

03. Conclusion

Bluemarine Yacht Charter is one of our prime example for web development with WordPress and for successful search engine optimization. Not only were we able to improve the charter company’s placement on the Google SERP to rank 2, we also managed to increase traffic by over 800%.

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